Today I took the Oracle 12c: OCP beta exam (1Z0-063)

Today, I took the beta exam for 12c OCP. I have been a DBA for over 9 years now so thought it shouldn’t be too hard to pass (especially the RMAN parts) and concentrated on studying just the new Multitenant topics…boy I was wrong!

The tough thing is, I used this book as my study guide. Now, I was a little dubious to start with as the “official” Oracle study guide is not due to be released until March 2015. So how could this book cover all the correct topics with the relevant detail?
Well, it didn’t!

Without disclosing the contents of the exam, I would put anyone off using this book and wait until the “official” book is released. For example; one of the key missing subjects that stands out for me was limitations of RMAN backups when connected to a PDB e.g. When connected to a PDB you can’t backup the archive logs.

Lesson’s learnt:

  1. Wait for the “official” study guides to be released.
  2. Is getting certified really worth taking a 3:45hr beta exam, considering my work will pay for the full exam costs?

Whether I have passed or not is still unknown for at least 11 weeks, if the beta closes as expected.
I am not as confident as I was with the 12c OCA mind.


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